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Whatever language you need, we can help you

Catalan | Galician | Valencian | Basque

Among the fields of activity of AGESTRAD – Spanish Translatio Agency, the co-official languages of Spain are notable. Many companies have trusted us when seeking to strengthen their presence in all regions of the country, or when needing to appear official in the State (associations, public competitions, publicity, etc.).

We have specialised translators in all areas (official translations, technical translations, commercial translations, legal translations, medical translations, website translations, software localisation, etc.), with specific training and experience in all fields (electronics, medicine, computing, import-export, property, publicity, hospitality, radio and television, etc.). All of this, added to confidentiality in all work, personalised attention and full compliance with deadlines, means that the final result is a quality piece of work, satisfying clients.

English | French | Italian | Portuguese

The context of the single market in which we live makes internationalisation of companies towards surrounding countries essential. Languages such as English, French, Italian and Portuguese will allow your business to reach into Europe and will represent your company well.

German | Dutch | Swedish | Danish | Norwegian | Finnish

At AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, we are specialists in the language of the north of Europe, such as Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish, as well as German and Dutch, languages which are increasingly demanded in the business world due to the possibilities offered by their markets.

Russian | Greek | Romanian | Polish | Czech | Hungarian | Lithuanian

In recent decades, the countries of central and eastern Europe have strongly integrated into world commerce, and have opened markets with hundreds of milliones of clients. At AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, we wish to help you to expand into these regions through our professional translation, interpretin and advisory services.

Arabic | Chinese | Turkish | Japanese | Korean | Hebrew | etc

In the era of globaliseation, commercial expansion into all corners of the planet is essential.
At AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, we are proud to be able to guarantee the best specialists in languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew and many others. We have based our business policy on being a multilingual agency and we have experience in languages as varied as Swahili or Bahasa Indonesian.

Other languages in which we offer translation, interpreting, voice-over, layout and linguistic advisory services are: Belarussian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Estonian, Philipino (Tagalog), Icelandic, Latvian, Macedonian, Serbo-Croat, Ukrainian y Vietnamese