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Your Partner Abroad

Who we are. Description of the service

Your Partner Abroad is a special service from AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, for locating potential clients, establishing commercial relationships, and strengthening collaboration with clients obtained.

At Your Partner Abroad, we analyse your needs and commercial characteristics to create customised campaigns, intended to obtain new clients abroad, with which you will be able to initiate or extnd your presence in other countries.

We locate potential clients abroad, contact them, and introduce the products and services of your company. This commercial contact will later be maintained, always adapting to the needs of your business.

Your Partner Abroad takes care of your company image and will adapt to your aims. For this, we offer a close collaboration which fulfils the expectations and requirements of your company.

We offer direct and permanent contact with potential clients in their own language.

Your Partner Abroad uses human resources, tools techniques, information, experience and added value gained throughout our company's years of operation.


1. Collection of information about the client company and its products, analysis of potential clients, design of a specific campaign.

2. Campaigns by email and direct telephone contact with potential clients.

3. Strengthening of potentially interested clients: electronically, by telephone and through printed materials sent to the company.

4. Detailled reports on the provision of service.

NOTE: Additional services for maintaining collaboration with clients obtained.

Opciones de ámbito de prestación del servicio


European Anglophone countries (United Kingdom – including Gibraltar and Ireland)
European Francophone countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Andorra)
European Germanic countries (Germany and Austria)
Russian countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan)


Non-European Anglophone countries (USA, Canada, Australia, Republic of South Africa)
Non-European Francophone countries (Canada, French Guyana, Morocco, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, Senegal)
Non-European Hispanic countries (Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay)


Other countries chosen by the client


  • International human team of specially prepared native speakers.

  • International databases (our own) created by our company.

  • Service packs and campaigns specially adapted to each client.

  • Confidentiality. Compliance with the LOPD data protection law (files registered in the General Data Protection Registry of the AEPD Spanish Data Protection Registry) and international business laws.

  • Commercial regions of the world chosen by the client.

  • Translation of 500 words, free when contracting the service, and possibility of enjoying all promotions for AGESTRAD clients.

  • Special discounts on additional services also offered by our Group.

Some specific examples which may be of use to you:

• Translation (including official sworn translation): translation of documents, management of legalisation, translation of information, website, brochures, etc., localisation and adaptation of programs, linguistic advisory in international marketing campaigns, etc.
• Interpreting: remote interpreting (three-way telephone call, Skype, etc.), simultaneous and consecutive presential interpreting (including necessary equipment for simultaneous interpreting), liaison interpreting, etc.
• Voice-over: recording of audio and vídeo, subtitling, etc.
• Localisation and adaptation of computer programs and applications.
• Linguistic advisory in international marketing campaigns and contact with clients.
Madrid: (+34) 91 745 99 19
Granada: (+34) 958 28 99 28
London: (+44) (0) 75 4242 8384
Móvil: (+34) 622 850 178
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