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French-English Translation

English-French Translation

idiomas agestradFrench has always captivated all nations for its sweetness and sonority. France and the huge francophone world has brought the literary world many of its greats. It is not unusual that French was even used for regular communication in Russia in the 18th and 19th centuries, sometimes even over Russian.

However, the importance of French is not only in its beauty. It is currently spoken by over 200 million people, has an official status in around 40 countries and numerous international bodies (UN, EU, NATO, etc.), and is one of the most important languages in commercial transactions at a global level.

French may broaden the horizons of your company. At AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, we are specialists in professional translation and interpreting between French and English and other languages. We collaborate exclusively with professional translators who are highly trained and qualified native speakers. We follow a strict process of translation which guarantees the best result.

At AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, we offer personalised service to each client, adapting to the needs of each business. Our services include translation and interpreting, but also localisation, adaptation to the target market depending on their consumer profile, age, tastes, and language varieties (French, Canadian French, etc.).

AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency offers comprehensive translation and interpreting services, official translation and interpreting services, a 24 hour service and urgent sumbission.

To request a precise, free quote from us, send us the characteristics of your project through our quote form, or contact us by email at presupuesto@agestrad.com or by telephoning (+34) 958 28 99 28 (Office hours, 8:00 to 20:00) or (+34) 600 33 91 45 (24 hours).