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Translation and interpreting agency




We are AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency, a company dedicated to translation of texts in over 100 different languages. We work each day to ascertain the needs of our clients and provide them with an effective solution, thereby providing added value for their business.

The scope of action of your company cannot be limited by not knowing a language. For this reason, at AGESTRAD we help you to break these barriers and open doors to new business. To do so, we offer a series of services with which you will be able to communicate easily and effectively in over 100 languages.

Contact us and at your service you will have a professional translation company, with professional native-speaker translators and interpreters who will diligently and efficiently undertake your translation assignments.

At AGESTRAD we begin by analysing the needs of the client and the characteristics of the text to be translated. By doing so, we are able to translate final texts with the type of language required: technical, legal, commercial, scientific or literary. Additionally, we adapt to different geographic variations (e.g. British and American English, Peninsular, Mexican and Argentine Spanish, etc.).

AGESTRAD offers the following services:
• Translation, Interpreting and linguistic consulting.
• Voice-over.
• Transcription, subtitling, layout, typing and documentation.


At AGESTRAD – Spanish Translation Agency we are certified by the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality standards, as well has having won several awards and recognitions. We have offices in Madrid, Granada, London and Paris, which can be contacted using the contact information available to you on our website.

Thanks to our team and compliance with established guidelines, we guarantee optimal results in all our work, with the highest quality in the best timeframes.

At AGESTRAD we work only with qualified, professional native-speaker translators and proofreaders. Depending on the subject of the text to be translated, different translators will be assigned, as they also have specific training and experience in different fields: legal, medical, commercial, linguistic, technical, app and website translation, etc.

Translators, proofreaders and project managers are carefully coordinated to offer you a quality final product, always within the required timeframes.

Our main aim is for you to be satisfied with the service we provide. For this reason, at AGESTRAD we believe that quality is achieved with personalized work. Therefore, with each client we determine the style of their company and establish the terminology that we will use, thereby creating the consistent translation required. Additionally, we distinguish ourselves by getting involved with our clients, becoming not only service providers, but collaborators.

  • Madrid: (+34) 91 794 19 77
  • Granada: (+34) 958 28 99 28
  • Valencia: (+34) 96 311 43 21
  • London: (+44)(0) 75 4242 8384
  • Paris: (+33) 01 70 98 34 12
  • Mobile: (+34) 722 43 19 73
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