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Text translation services

At AGESTRAD we translate texts and documents into any language, including of course the main European languages: English translation, French translation, German translation, Italian translation and Portuguese translation. We are specialists in the translation of all types of text and formats.

The sectors in which we operate deal with imports and exports, medicine, computing, telecommunications, publicity, hospitality, cinema, electronics, and much more.

  • Translation of texts for SMEs
  • Translation of texts for individuals
  • Translation for technical studies
  • Translation for legal firms and economists
Legal – Technical – Official – Commercial Translation

We translate texts from different specialities: translation of scientific texts, translation of legal texts, translation of economic texts, translation of administrative documents, translation of journalistic texts, etc.

  • Legal translation: contracts, letters of attorney, protocols and patents, commercial agreements, legal documents, reports, etc.
  • Commercial translation: presentations, catalogues, business plans, press releases, price lists, insurance forms, etc.
  • Technical translation: technical specifications, user manuals, engineering, operating instructions, websites, etc.
  • Official translation: academic transcripts, marriage certificates, court records, academic degrees, census certificates, criminal records, death certificates, etc.
  • Literary translation: novels, poems, biographies, etc.
  • Scientific translation: research articles, monographs, university texts, etc.

Urgent 24 hour translations

For translation services which cannot wait: contact us by telephone (+34) 600 33 91 45. We will inform you of our time availability in terms of the volume and complexity of the text to be translated. This type of service has a 30% surcharge.

App and website translation services

We translate your website quickly and precisely. If you are thinking of creating a new website, we will collaborate with your programmers to offer you the best solution.

Native speaker translators

We have a team of native speaker translators with extensive experience in the translation of texts of different specialities, to guarantee a translation which is faithful to the original document.

The translation of professional texts requires a deep understanding of not only the target language, but also culture; thus, our translation service has a team of native speaker translators who translate into their first language.

With years of experience and specialised training, our translators guarantee a quality text, using suitable terminology, and a result which is faithful to the original.

What is the price of translation?

The price of translation or proofreading of texts is generally calculated by the number of words in the original text. The translation rate for documents depends on the language, speciality of the text, volume and entry deadline.

Request a quote

Just send us the original document, the languages and your contact details to our email address, presupuesto@agestrad.com,or, to speed up the process, send the information in the Request a quote form. We guarantee you an immediate response.