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Interpreting services

Simultaneous Interpreting – On-site Interpreting – Consecutive Interpreting – Liaison Interpreting – Whispered Interpreting

Interpreting is translation carried out in a non-written format. We offer interpreting services in all techniques and modalities:

  • On-site interpreting: the interpreter is present at the event / distance interpreting: carried out through telephone contact, internet, or any other means of communication./li>
  • Simultaneous interpreting: the interpreter translates as the speaker gives their speech, without a delay. To carry out this type of interpreting it is necessary to have the necessary equipment: soundproof cabins, microphones and headphones. Simultaneous interpreting requires great preparation and ability from the interpreter, who usually interprets into their first language. Furthermore, each interpreter carries out interpreting in short time intervals. This is the modality which is usually used in conferences, seminars, shareholder meetings and other similar events./li>
  • Consecutive interpreting: the speaker makes their speech and gives time for the interpreter to translate it. Usually used in courses, conferences, inaugurations and other events in which simultaneous interpreting cannot be used./li>
  • Liaison interpreting: the interpreter serves as an intermediary between two or more people and translates for not only one speaker, but for all participants (eg. for a meeting in which several people speak). The interpreter usually carries out the function of an assistant, and this service is often used in commercial missions, tours, and visits to factories or other facilities./li>
  • Whispered interpreting (chuchotage): this is when the interpreter translates by whispering without equipment for a small audience. A form of this type of interpreting uses an “interpreter’s briefcase”, a portable microphone allowing the listeners to hear the interpreting through portable headphones.

At AGESTRAD we offer the following forms of interpreting:

  • Interpreting for trade fairs, conferences, commercial missions, conventions, business meetings, preparation and/or presentations, negotiations, etc. 
  • Interpreting for interviews (television & radio), press conferences and conferences.
  • Accompanying interpreting, medical, legal and tourism interpreting.

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