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Official translation

Official translation

Do you need to translate an official document? Official translation, also known as, public translation or certified translation, depending on country, requires the services of official translation professionals.

Often, documents included in this category, such as birth certificates, death certificates, education transcripts, immigration documents, etc. are used by courts, police stations, and other public bodies dedicated to legal processes. These public bodies have the right to demand the documentation to be presented in their official language, and will request an official translation, stamped by an official translator.

Servicio de traducción jurada

Our official translation service is notable for:

  • Professionalism: our team of professional official translators have experience in over 100 languages, to offer the optimal official translation service.

  • Speed: our official translation service is characterised by respecting the agreed deadlines, always guaranteeing the maximum quality of translation.

  • Price: we commit to offering a competitive price. To see our official translation rates in detail, request a free quotation.

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