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A large professional team of multilingual translators

The team of translators and proofreaders at AGESTRAD is made up only of qualified native speakers of the target language, and with full command of the working languages. Therefore, we offer you translations of optimal quality from our highly qualified multilingual team.

AGESTRAD collaborates with professionals from around the world to always be able to offer the best solution for the demands of our clients. The agency has strict selection and control procedures for its collaborators’ work, with whom we also sign confidentiality and data protection agreements.

Aware of your needs, we have established our translation agency to provide solutions to your problems and generate value for your company.

Kind regards,
Enrique J. Vercher García

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Our administration team

Enrique J. Vercher
Enrique J. Vercher
Managing Director and Head of London office
Natalia Makeeva
Natalia Makeeva
Assistant Manager and Russian Department

Martin Andrews
Martin Andrews
English Department