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Legal Notice

AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción (Grupo Vercher-Makeeva) has its registered office at Cámara de Comercio de Granada, c/ Luis Amador, 26, 18014, Granada (Spain), CIF tax identification number: E-18954321 (EU VAT Number: ES E18954321). Its purpose is to provide translation services.

Its contact information is: Tel: 958 28 99 28, 600 33 91 45, Fax: 958 28 99 28, info@agestrad.com. Website: www.agestrad.com, www.agestrad.es, www.agenciaespanoladetraduccion.com

The logo, image and website and all its content are property of AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción. The AGESTRAD logo is registered and is property of the owner.

The websites of the links included on the AGESTRAD website are the property of their respective owners and AGESTRAD is not responsible for them.

AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción fulfills all terms established in Organic Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December on the Protection of Personal Data, later developed in its Development Regulation 1720/2001.

In accordance with said Organic Law 15/1999, the Clients of services provided by AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción consent to their personal data being incorporated into the files of AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción, which are registered in the General Registry of Data Protection.

The personal details provided to AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción by clients will be subject to confidential treatment, in a file created by AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción, in accordance with the terms established in Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, in order for their request to be processed and managed.

AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción guarantees the confidentiality of its Clients’ data, and does not sell its Clients’ information, or transfer it to third parties who are not related with the services carried out, except when the Client has consented such an operation, as required by current legislation and necessary for the services of AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción to be provided.

At any time the Client may withdraw their consent, as well as exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, in the terms established by current legislation, by writing to:

AGESTRAD – Agencia Española de Traducción

Cámara de Comercio de Granada

C/ Luis Amador, 26

18014 – GRANADA




1. Description of services. The Translation Services Provider (TSP) supplies translation services with the characteristics defined in the offers/proposals which will be sent by the TSP and accepted by the Client, in which the technical, deadline and economic conditions will be specified.

The TSP will make every possible effort to complete the supply of services detailed above by the date agreed in each offer/proposal, not being responsible for delays which are not attributable to it.


2. Service fees and form of payment. The Client agrees to pay the sum set out in each quote as a fee to the TSP for their aforementioned services. For this, an invoice will be issued which will set out the applicable items. The payment will be made in the form and the term specified in each offer/proposal, or by default 30 days from the receipt of the corresponding invoice if no other agreement is made between the parties.

3. Cancellation or withdrawal by the Client. If the Client cancels or withdraws any part of the items described in the quote before the TSP has completed the full service, in this case, considering the planning and assignment of resources by the TSP, the Client will pay the TSP the proportion of the fees and related costs agreed, represented by the the percentage of the total services provided.

4. Additional costs. The Client must reimburse the TSP for all out of pocket expenses, which are not part of the normal routine of the translation procedure, such as the urgent translation of documents in 24 hours at the client’s request, long distance calls to clarify ambiguities in the documents, special forms of submission, etc.

5. Proofreading of the translation by the Client. Upon receiving the translation from the TSP, the Client will notify the TSP of anomalies which they find in the maximum period of 25 days. The TSP will correct any error or discrepancy in the contracted content of the service caused by errors in the undertaking of the translation service, at no cost to the Client.

6. Confidentiality. All knowledge and information expressly identified by the Client in writing as “confidential” to which the TSP has access during the undertaking of the contracted service, referring to business, the Client’s products, or other sensitive information which may be taken advantage of by its market competitors, will be kept under the strictest confidentiality by the TSP and, except in the case of the Client expressly authorising it in writing, will not be disseminated or published by the TSP, and the TSP will not authorise third parties to disseminate or publish it. This confidentiality may additionally be guaranteed by the signing of a confidentiality agreement by all members of the company. This same document, for its signing or acceptance, is sent to suppliers who have contact with the Client’s information or data. In each project the Project Manager is the custodian of the information and only distributes it to those directly involved.

What is understood as Confidential Information in this section does not include the register of terminology glossaries compiled by the TSP during the course of providing the service as in this Contract, except in the case of the Client and the TSP agreeing in writing that these special glossaries will become property of the Client and likewise be governed by the confidentiality clauses of this Section.

7. Copyright. The Translation is property of the Client. Once the Client has paid the sum agreed for the service, including additions for alterations, the translation of the items will be property of the Client.

The TSP has no obligation to carry out actions to protect the rights of the author, copyright, or other rights of the Client relating to the translation, except as expressly stipulated in this Contract. Nevertheless, the TSP will have the right to retain copies of the items to be translated and the resulting translation for its archives, subject to the confidentiality agreed in section 6.

8. Changes made by third parties. The TSP will have no responsibility for any change made to the translation by third parties without its written consent. Thus, for example, if AGESTRAD submits a translation and then that translation is altered or added to by a third party outside of AGESTRAD, AGESTRAD will have no responsibility for the quality or possible complaints related to the text.

9. Duration. This contract will be valid for one year, automatically extendable annually except if one of the parties provides written objection to renewal with three months notice.

10. Legislation and courts of justice. This contract is governed by the laws of Spain and the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, and any discrepancy will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of justice of Granada (Andalusia).

11. Alterations to the content. Any alteration which may be made to this contract must be made in writing and signed by both parties. This Contract will be binding from the moment it is accepted by any of the means indicated (acceptance of quote or signing of contract by both parties).