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HTML and website course for translators

The aim of this course is to introduce the function of HTML language and the main tags which may serve both for the creation of websites and for their translation.

The course is especially aimed towards professional translators of any language combination, without, or with very basic knowledge of HTML, who wish to improve their command of this language and apply it to their professional activity.

The competencies acquired in this course include working directly with HTML, use of website editing programs (Dreamweaver and Tag Editor), the creation of a basic personal website, and some concepts about Internet presence and positioning in search engines (Google, etc).

This course is delivered in a simple and direct manner, with clear language allowing anyone not well versed in computing to acquire basic knowledge. We do not wish to confuse the student with a great deal of technical terms, and establish solely the fundamentals.

We base the course on specific practical examples. These examples may appear frequently in HTML translation work, although the function of each website may differ.

Aimed at: professional translators who need to translate websites or use html files or files with tags. It is also suitable for anyone interested in acquiring basic knowledge of html language or creating simple websites.

Modality: online

Duration: 30 hours

Structure and resources: The course is organised into 11 areas, to be elaborated over 4 weeks. The course includes written material, 5 demonstration videos, 4 virtual classes and one year of tutoring for consultation.

Taught by: Enrique J. Vercher García (Degree in Hispanic Philology, Slavic Philology and Russian Philology; Doctorate in Translation Sciences and in Slavic Philology)

Price: €90