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Subtitling course

The aim of this course is to introduce the different forms of audiovisual translation, and specifically the features of subtitling and subtitling for the deaf and hearing impaired; as well as introducing software for applying subtitles to an audiovisual work, and the application of subtitles to a video file.

The course is especially aimed at professional translators of any language combination, who wish to specialise in the field of subtitling. It is also aimed at recent graduates and students who wish to begin their carrer in the field of audiovisual translation.

The competencies acquired in this course include understanding of the process of subtitling an audioviual work; being able to create, translate, adapt, localise and integrate subitles for an audiovisual work, as well as creating and adapting subtitles to allow accessibility for the deaf and hearing impaired. Finally, the ability to work with video editing and subtitling programs to create subtitling projects for an audiovisual work.

This course presents material in a simple and direct manner, with clear language. At the end of each module, a practical exercise is given, based on the content of said modules, sent to the Agestrad tutor for correction.

Aimed at: translators and broadcasters, as well as cinema enthusiasts and anyone interested in subtitling a personal video.

Modality: online

Duration: 75 hours

Structure and resources: The course is organised into 5 areas, elaborated over 4 weeks. It inlcudes written material, explanatory videos, online classes, and a year of tutorials for queries.

Taught by: Silvia López García (Degree in Translation and Interpreting; Master in Audiovisual Translation, Subtitling and Dubbing)

Price: €200