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Proofreading and style correction course

The aim of this course is to introduce and deepen understanding of the task of translation and proofreading, which are like yin and yang: two fundamental phases of our work which complement each other and which are inextricably linked, as it is impossible to carry out a good translation if we do not proofread and apply certain quality controls before submitting it.

The course is specifically aimed at professional translators of any language combination who wish to improve their proofreading techniques and knowledge on style correction. It is also aimed at graduates and students who wish to focus on the field of proofreading (proofreading).

Generally, it can be said that proofreading has three phases:
1. Proofreading of content
2. Proofreading of form
3. Final checks.

Aimed at: professional translators and translation companies who wish to improve their proofreading/correction phase.

Modality: online

Duration: 65 hours

Structure and resources: The course is organised into 5 areas, to be elaborated over 4 weeks. The course includes written material, demonstation videos, virtual classes and one year of tutoring for consultation.

Taught by: Carmen Rodríguez Pérez (Sworn English translator; Master of Research in Translation and Interpreting; Degree in Translation and Interpreting)

Price: €160